Free Agency Part 2.0   Dallas Cowboys-QBs

After the draft, the next step is the rookie minicamp and determining what, if any needs to be addressed with free-agent signings.   The free agent signings are starting again at this writing, with the NY Jets adding Billy Turner, Randal Cobb joining the Jets, Brandon Allen with the 49ers, and the Seahawks adding Poona Ford.    Dallas addressed some needs, but they certainly have a few spots to tackle before signing off on the roster for training camp and the 2023 season.


The first thing I noticed when I reviewed the draft results and the UDFA signings is that no quarterback was signed to be the fourth arm for rookie camp and possibly a practice squad member this year.    Since all the rookies of any note signed elsewhere and Dallas is not about to invest real money in an NFL-experienced QB from the pool of players that remain (Wentz, Bridgewater, Mason Rudolph), my football gut tells me the 4th quarterback is coming from the XFL ranks.    These football-hungry guys will jump at the chance to take the next step in their careers.    

Three names to consider:

Ben DiNucci  XFL Seattle Sea Dragons (26 years old)

The former Cowboys draft pick threw for 2,671 yards, 20 TD/13 INTs with 64.7% completion percentage, and rushed for 305 yards in ten games.    After the performance Ben put it this season for the XFL, his market is going to be as good as it ever will be, and he could land a better deal with another team, but my money is he signs a two-year contract for a bit of job security and returns to Dallas.   

My only issue is that he must outdo Will Grier for a roster spot, which will be a battle to watch.   DiNucci has always been a favorite for Mike McCarthy, so it takes a little connecting the dots to see this happen in the next few weeks.

A.J. McCarron XFL St. Louis Battle Hawks (32 years old)

The next best option would be A.J. McCarron, who, at thirty-two years old this season, threw for 2,150 yards, 24/6, 68.8% in nine games in the XFL.   With McCarron’s resume and age, he would be a stop-gap type quarterback, but I like his chance more than DiNucci taking the third QB spot on the roster.   

He would be more of a veteran presence on the roster and a new voice of experience in the quarterback room.    Depending on what they are looking for, McCarron is a more win-now solution with a much shorter shelf life.   A.J. said he wanted his kids to see him play and understand what he does. I wonder what they would think of seeing Dad play at Jerry World. McCarron has playoff experience and would be an excellent addition to the team for next season.

Jordan Ta’amu  DC Defenders (25 years old)

Jordan is the best athlete of the bunch but would also be the most clear-cut fourth option at QB and likely a camp arm and practice squad player at best.   In ten games this year in the XFL, he threw for 1,894 yards, 14 touchdowns to only three interceptions with a 62.4% completion percentage but also ran for 298 rushing in the season.  

Ta’amu is a talented player who could be a diamond in the rough but might serve Dallas’s purpose best as a camp arm and maybe a practice squad member, depending on how he performs if they are locked in on the top three quarterbacks.

Prediction: My hope is it would be A.J. McCarron but I expect round 2 of Ben DiNucci in Big D

Next Up:   Running Backs

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