New York Yankees Off-Season Blue Print?

Before I start on the first steps the Yankees off-season should follow this off-season, I have to be honest I have been a Houston Astros fan since my son had me start watching them a few years ago, so I hope they do not make these moves, but they make too much sense not to happen or share. Granted, as I finished this article, the Yankees came out in support of Boone, so it appears they will not make significant changes, but that does not mean they should stay the course. 

Move 1: Fire Aaron Boone

He has succeeded, and I am not pushing him for his termination solely because he keeps losing to the Astros. I am saying it because of his behavior and comments after the loss. The complaining about the roof remaining open prevented Judge’s homerun but not Bregman’s home run in the park, the Astros being lucky, watching the 2004 Red Sox comeback as inspiration, and so on. Yankee fans deserve better! They need to hire a proven winner, someone who coaches aggressively and would not dream of taking the ace out for a lesser-talent bullpen player. They need a manager who coaches to win, not a manager who coaches not to lose. Aaron Boone’s success would be great with a small market team, but in New York, it needs to be better and appears to be heading in the wrong direction. 


Move 2: Hire Joe Maddon

If you acknowledge that the Houston Astros are now your most prominent rival, why not make it a fair fight and get a proven manager who knows what it takes to get a title? Most of us would agree that Joe Maddon’s firing dealt with personality issues with the front office and not his lack of ability to remain a top-tier manager. The NY media would love him, and he would love talking on the big stage.

Move 3: Resign Aaron Judge

He is too talented and a big part of the team and city to let him walk. Some might say you lost in the playoffs with him, but would you have made it without him? You can recoup some money you will need to spend by moving on from a few others players, but you cannot let him walk.

Move 4: Trade Giancarlo Stanton (somewhere?)

Watching him play the field was scary, and then seeing his performance at the plate against his salary makes me think he needs a new start and a place where he can go back to being the man. Yankees likely would have to eat salary, but moving on and remodeling the lineup would be wise. Shipping him out west would work for him and a team like Los Angeles or San Francisco.

Move 5: Sign Carlos Correra

Like adding Johnny Damon, Roger Clemens, and others from your rivals, the Yankees need Correra. He is talented, cocky, successful and a leader and is precisely the piece the Yankees need to add to the infield and clubhouse. With constantly shuffling the deck on this roster, the Yankees need players that will say to the younger players follow me, and this is how you win in October. Correra has a history of success in big moments, and the spotlight of New York is a perfect marriage for the big personality he brings to a team. After the IKF-Torres blunder, Donaldson’s uneven season, and mediocre playoffs, infield improvements are critical. 

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