Predictions, Ideas, and Reactions to sports (so far this fall)

It is that time of year again when baseball, football, and soon basketball intersect for some of the year’s best action.   Here are some thoughts on what we are seeing, what we will see, and what we likely will see in the coming months.

The meteoric rise (and occasional temper tantrum) of Ken Dorsey from a first-year offensive coordinator to a viable head-coaching candidate.    He was instrumental in the best years of Cam Newton’s career and now is working his magic in Buffalo with Josh Allen.   First as Allen’s quarterback coach and now as the offensive coordinator on a Super Bowl-contending team.    I think it would be a great fit this off-season to see this California kid return to his home state, take over the LA Chargers, and do what he did for Newton and Allen for Justin Herbert.     Herbert is the classic Ken Dorsey type of QB, and it would be exciting to see him take those next steps.     The Chargers will need to start looking to gain footing in the LA market soon as the Rams appear ready for more success.

Funny to read Sean Payton’s comments, “I felt like it was the right situation, I would have an interest in that”

That means once the NFL season ends, Dallas fires Mike McCarthy for failure in the playoffs, and Sean will be ready to come to Jerry World.    Payton and Jones seem like the NFL version of Jim and Pam (from The Office) when they are dating other people.   Everyone knew they would get together. It was just a matter of when.     Mike McCarthy is Rashida Jones (Karen Filippelli) in this relationship.    Payton is recharging the batteries and working on his best pitch to keep Dan Quinn.

I do not like most of what Dan Snyder has ever done in Washington and would love to see him sell the team, but I think adding QB Sam Howell and RB Brian Robinson this off-season was a sneaky good long-term move for them.   Both could have a very bright future with the proper coaching, which is always questionable in D.C.

Interesting story to watch in Philadelphia. Should the Eagles make the playoffs but falter in round one or two and have the number one pick of the Saints that they own lands in the top three would they pass on Bryce Young?  I guess, for their sakes and their dire hard fan base, the answer if Hurts is their long-term QB has a definitive answer one way or the other this off-season.  So far, so good, but opponents will start to get more challenging.

Giants fans, isn’t it funny what hiring a good general manager, and a head coach that works well together can do to a struggling franchise?

The Patriots look like they have some work to do before returning to a top-tier level. My question is will Bill Belichick be around for it?    He will be 71 in April, and the past drafts have not landed many long-term seeds for the coming seasons.   Just a thought.  Maybe this is why Bill O’Brien (52) is just hanging out in Alabama as an offensive coordinator watching his teams contend for National Titles and Heisman Trophies.     Maybe he and a slightly more diplomatic front office might have better success in April.    If Nebraska or any other top college program wants O’Brien, they need to act sooner than later.

Pittsburgh looks to be in a similar position as the Patriots, with their franchise quarterback no longer in place.      It made sense to start the veteran Trubisky, so now, with the Jets on October 2nd, a move to Kenny Pickett could be on the horizon.    Another nugget to watch if the offense continues to be predictable and struggle is Pickett’s mentor and former OC, Marc Whipple is the current Nebraska OC and likely out of a job by the end of the year.    Could a reunion be in the mix in 2023?

The college and NFL offenses becoming more in line will reach a point where enough is enough with quarterback salaries.   The QBs that make long runs in the playoffs and win Super Bowls are always getting top dollars, but I am looking at Lamar Jackson, Dak Prescott, Kyler Murray, and a few others.    Quarterback salaries take up such an enormous amount of the salary cap. If you are not leading your team to a serious playoff run, would not the team be wise when given a chance to draft a rookie QB on day 1 or 2 and try it again if their current high-priced QB is looking for yet another monster deal?   Has Dak done anything that warrants a raise from his huge salary?

I do not know about you, but I do not feel the magic of  Good Morning Football anymore on the NFL Network.    Maybe it will take some time, but my votes would have been for Joy Taylor and Michael Robinson as your newest additions, but we will see.

  • For the first time in many years, NFL does not seem to have that super team penciled in for the Super Bowl.  If they get hot, many franchises can make a run, so it will be fun to watch.
  • I have to say, being a dad of three, I had gotten away from the daily following of baseball the past few years as my kids took up the bulk of my weekly and weekend time but recently, that changed.     My son is an Astros fan, and we order the team pass through Amazon, and now nightly Astros and baseball games are part of the routine.     Hats off to the MLB for trying to make their game more current with modern technology.   I love the MLB app, which provides the breakdown of the top 30 prospects for every team and updates as players are traded, released, or called up.    Baseball is back in this household.
  • I laugh with the speculation that Aaron Judge might leave New York.   There is a better chance of the Statue of Liberty leaving New York than Aaron Judge.
  • I am looking forward to the playoffs and expect a Houston vs. Los Angles series as the Astros pitching depth is insane.
  • You can say what you want about the 2017 Astros (many ignore all the other teams doing similar stuff like Apple watches). Still, you must give the Houston franchise credit for player development and intelligent trades.    They do not break the bank to add a player who might disrupt the clubhouse; instead make solid moves like Will Smith, Trey Mancini, and Christian Vazquez.    How many other teams could maintain this success by losing players in consecutive years, like George Springer, Carlos Correa, and Garrit Cole, without missing a beat?    Great scouting department in Houston!!    Plus, they have their future manager in waiting in Joe Espada             
  • At the end of September, my gut reaction is the University of Nebraska will hire Bill O’Brien, and he gets to stabilize and rebuild another historical program. Arizona State University tabs Justin Frye (current OC at Ohio State and former UCLA OC), and Georgia Tech goes Prime Time.
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