With the start of football season around the corner, I wanted to share some of the “must” buy items in my household to have on hand this year for an impromptu football party of a few friends or a whole gang of people.    You know the walk to the car after a fall youth soccer, football or baseball game on a Saturday or Sunday with friends and someone says, “Hey want to come over for the game today?”    To prevent panic or an unnecessary trip to Costco or Sam’s club for a huge food order here are the items we keep on hand for those exact moments.

·        Box Mac and Cheese

Just about, everyone loves macaroni and cheese, it is so easy to store in a cabinet or pantry, quick to make, and goes with most food at any football or baseball get together.   

·        Case of water/water flavoring drops

I always feel guilty just offering water to someone there to watch a game.   Everyone is always watching calories, but to me water is just too bland to have as the only option. I prefer to have a good stock of water flavoring drops.    They come in all varieties from lemonade, sweet tea, all kinds of berry flavors, and so much more.  Do an Amazon search for water flavoring drops and you will be impressed with so many choices.   So instead of making a pitcher of lemonade, or sweet tea or fruit punch and so one.  A case of water and a four or eight packs of water flavoring drops and you are set to offer many options.