Crystal Ball Time     

(Predictions, comments and ideas on the world of sports)

·       Kyrie Irving will be traded right before training camp to the Lakers and LeBron resigns for two more years.   Make the trio of Irving, Davis and James a much more cohesive unit than last year and a threat in the west.  

· Kevin Durant lands in Boston and the Brooklyn Nets go down in history as the first franchise to help the two most historic franchises improve in one season.

·       Russell Westbrook probably lands in San Antonio and likely accepts a buyout.  I am not sure where he lands but I am guessing a team needs a seat filler and a name for the marquee while they rebuild.

· Houston Astros and New York Yankees meet for an epic best of seven ALCS series. No apple watches or garbage cans allowed.

·       Houston Astros are a fun team to watch.   Great scouting department as they are next man up.

·       Dallas wins the NFC East and Philadelphia Eagles realizes that Jalen Hurts is a nice #2 QB but invest series draft capital into getting a franchise QB next April.    It feels like Tyler Van Dyke will have that kind of season that lands him via a trade in Philadelphia.  

·       University of Miami is really cooking down in Coral Gables and along with Texas A&M, Georgia, LSU and Notre Dame the global domination the Crimson Tide will end within the next two seasons.    Do not get me wrong Alabama is a top five program as long as Nick Saban is there and should stay there for a while but now have some real threats to the throne.    Clemson looks to take a step back losing coordinators but make no mistake Dabo has his eye on the Saban seat whenever it becomes open.   Similar to Roy Williams waiting his turn for the North Carolina job. 

·       Does anyone think teams in a few years will start quietly using Nick Saban’s age against him with recruits?   He will be 71 on Halloween.     I wonder if DeMeco Ryans would be an interesting option if Dabo passes or gets an offer he cannot refuse.  Food for thought.

·       Has anyone watched Swagger on Apple TV or the Giannis movie on Disney Plus? Looking to get into it.

·       I will tell you between Hulu, NetFlix, ESPN +, Apple TV, Paramount Plus and Peacock channel I rarely watch network shows anymore.  Some great shows now I just need some time to watch them.

·       If recent news is true that Kevin Colbert wanted to move on from Big Ben but ownership prevented that is it hard to expound that this lead Colbert to the idea of his own retirement.   At only 65 years of age, I could see Kevin taking this season off and then being lured back to a Parcells type of role at President of Football Operations for a franchise that needs to clean up its image.  Maybe some team in the nation’s capital that has a serious image issue.  I think we have seen the Carson show in two other spots right so if we get a repeat of that and maybe Danny Boy has to sell the team.     A person with Colbert’s high character would be a good start to return respect to the team in D.C.

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